The definition of a projection is a simple one – it is simply the number of points that a fantasy football user is expecting a player to score on a particular gameweek.

Many professional daily fantasy football players use projections to help them to decide which players to select in their roster and which footballers to leave out.

Game theory fanatics swear that projections are one of the key ways to success in fantasy football and, while a lot of players prefer to rely on their gut feeling and instinct, it is clear that using stats and data can help to create a winning fantasy football strategy and reap rich rewards too.

Of course, there is an element of guesswork involved in developing projections for footballers, but by looking at their previous scoring history it is possible to produce an estimates of how they are likely to perform in a particular gameweek.

As an example, if a Real Madrid player is due to face up against Getafe during the daily fantasy football game you are planning to join, his projection is going to be a lot higher than if he was about to play Barcelona.

There are many different sources for projections online, but the best daily fantasy football players often develop their own projections in order to fit in the best with their unique fantasy strategies.

Projections can be particularly useful if you are entering multiplier contests when you might already know roughly how many points you are likely to need to score to finish in the cash places.

Keep in mind that a lot of daily fantasy football websites have different scoring methods, which is going to affect projections for each game.

A projection is only going to be useful if it takes into account the scoring method of your chosen fantasy football website.