Nuts is originally a poker term that is increasingly being used in daily fantasy football games.

It refers to an unbeatable hand, for example if a player has a straight flush hand in Texas Hold ’em and there is no way another player could have put together a hand that could beat it from the cards showing on the table.

The origins of the term nuts in relation to betting are believed to date back to pre-colonial America.

When people used to play poker many years ago, a gambler would sometimes place the nuts of his wagon wheels on the table to signify that he would make good on his bet – as he would not be able to leave without his transport.

According to folklore, this is how an unbeatable hand came to be known as a nut hand, or sometimes the nuts for short.

In fantasy football parlance, the nuts may refer to a line-up that the player believes cannot be beaten by another roster, particularly towards the end of a gameweek when there are not many more fixtures left to be played.

For example, a player could be at the top of the leaderboard with still two of his players yet to be in action, while all of the chasing pack may have already had all their team score points.

That would mean it would be impossible for another fantasy football player to catch the leader before the end of the gameweek, leaving them with the best possible line-up – the nut hand.

Nuts can also sometimes refer to the minimum number of points or cash a fantasy football player is expecting to win from the line-up he has selected for a particular daily fantasy football game.

This would be particularly used by professional fantasy football players who typically set goals for their earnings so that they can make enough cash to live on from playing fantasy sports.