The captain is arguably the most important part of any fantasy football team, as picking the right captain can make all the difference between a mid-table finish and winning the big cash prizes.

Most fantasy football games enable you to nominate one of your picks to be the captain and they will then score double points for your team.

When choosing your captain, there are a few things to keep in mind. The first of these is the type of game you are entering. If you are playing a 50/50 contest you might want to select a safe option who is likely to score a reasonable number of points for your team, as this will improve your chances of finishing in the top half and doubling your entry fee.

However, if you are in a large field and playing for a big cash prize, it might be a better idea to take a risk on a player who could score a massive number of points to send you up the table.

The fixture list should also be your guide when you are choosing who to have as your captain, earning those all-important double points for your fantasy team. It is usually a good idea to pick a captain from a team you are expecting to win as this maximises their chances of scoring heavily.

You should also try to avoid players who are likely to be rested or rotated by their managers. Some fantasy football games will allow you to nominate a vice-captain who moves up to be captain if your selection does not play, but in others if your captain scores no points, that is their final score for your team and your chances of success will be minimal as a result.