Fantasy Golf Scoring

A quick teaser ahead of the British Open

A lot has changed since the first ball was hit down the fairway back in 1860. Firstly, let’s assume that it was straight down the middle as there isn’t much social media coverage dating back to 1860 to support otherwise! After all, it wasn’t even until 1873 that the first Claret Jug was presented.

I also strongly doubt that any fantasy golf was held on that first tournament. Although some old boys were undoubtedly running a book around the billiards table! What was I thinking?

Luckily we are not in the 19th century where some lord may have been challenging a viscount to a cheeky little flutter. Instead it’s the golden age of the 21st century and fantasy golf is available on desktop, tablet, smartphone and all the apps you can master, so what better way to enjoy the upcoming 2017 British Open than by participating in a fantasy golf contest?

Making team picking easy

I hear you – you cannot be bothered with all the maths and working out which golfer to select from a list containing a number of players that you have practically never even heard of and you’re worried that your remaining budget might be wasted on a guy that hasn’t even qualified yet!

Well, that’s not a problem because it’s possible to play fantasy golf on ‘The Open’ without being bogged down by budgets.

No Budgets

So, what if you could pick players from 4 categories and complete your team within seconds? The top boys would be in category A, those who look like they are still hitting the ball with wooden clubs would be found down in category D and everyone else in the 2017 British Open field would be found somewhere in the middle under the B and C’s.

Fantasy Open 2017

With competitions that run for the whole tournament or just a single daily game (for those that have turned their back on the maths, we will do it for you here – that is four game days!) there is no reason you need to be stuck back in 1860.

The scoring couldn’t be simpler either. There’s no need to complicate it with GIR (greens in regulation), scrambling performance or driving accuracy. Instead, points will be accumulated based on the score for each hole and where the player finishes at the end of the day or weekend! Simple!


Fanto Fantasy Golf Scoring

Fanto will be announcing the grading of the players for their British Open golf tournaments on the 14th July, so this will give you a whole week to pick your team. No doubt it will be like the homework you did, back in your school days when you left it to the last minute though! However, to help fill the time, watch out for 4 huge tips that are going to be released in the next week.

Sign up now to stay ahead of the game as we look forward to finding out which player will be crowned ‘Champion Golfer for 2017’!