Fantasy Golf On ‘The Open’

How to play Fanto Fantasy Golf on the British Open

You’re doomed to make choices. That is life’s great paradox. But too many choices can be debilitating so we, at Fanto have made life a little easier for the 2017 Fantasy Open. Firstly, to make competition selection easier, they have been split into two main categories, so let’s look at the alternatives?

The Friend’s Game

Ah, the old classic. Simply get one of your pals to create the league and send around the pin. Then sit back and watch the points accumulate during the competition. If it’s not broke, there is no need to fix it!

But, what’s that I hear you say? You don’t even need to circulate a pin anymore? Yes, the rumours are true. If the friend creating the competition knows peoples’ email addresses, he can do it all in one go. All the other person would need to do is then log in, accept the notification and pick their team.

With the options to make subs every day, there is also no need to be bored when half of your team misses the cut and your run at victory is already over!

So how does it work? Just pick 12 players in total – it couldn’t be easier.

Fantasy Golf - The Open

DFS Games

DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) games are the new kid on the block. The Open takes place at Royal Birkdale this year and all of Fanto’s daily games are free! Yes, that is right….not a penny needs to be spent!

Simply pick 12 players from the whole field, selecting a minimum of 2 from each of the 4 segments. There is no need to worry about budgets so you will have a team selected faster than a Tiger Woods press release after any one of his misdemeanour’s!

There are two types of DFS game that you can play. Firstly, there is the daily games (it does what it says on the tin – it lasts one day) and then there is another game that covers the full competition (all 4 rounds). In the latter you can pick a team on day one and then make subs before the start of the next day’s play.

Daily Tips

In case you need to brush up a little on your golfing knowledge (no, Nick Faldo doesn’t really play anymore), you have come to the right place, since Fantasy Football Portal and Fanto have teamed up to give you a helping hand. Share your email below and we will send you some tips leading up to the tournament that will help you choose players from the 4 categories that make up the Fanto format. Now, don’t say we don’t have your back!

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