Live scoring

Fantasy Football Live Scoring Explained

Part of the fun of fantasy football is following the action once it gets under way. As soon as a contests starts you will be able to view all the line-ups submitted by rival managers in that particular tournament. All sites will display a leader-board of some description which typically updates in real time, making it possible to click into the username of any other manager listed so that you can gauge how your players are performing in relation to theirs. This is a useful tool as it allows you to follow the progress of your line-up as the action unfolds.

Most sites will have a ‘live score’ centre as well which presents real time updates detailing exactly what is going on in all matches or selected games. Specific actions for which points are awarded will be displayed in some sort of ticker format. The associated points value will usually be included as well as some type of text commentary that gives a bit more clarity to on-field proceedings.

Prize money distributions for each finishing position are normally indicated on tournament leader-boards. This allows a manager to gauge how close he/she is to finishing in the money.

It’s important to make sure that all scores are finalised once all the matches in a contest are completed. This is especially important if you are participating in contests that award bonus points for the best 3 players in each match since these will not be added until the end of the game.

Expect to see further improvements moving forward as the game operators fine-tune their scoring centres, developing even better user-friendly apps in the process.

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