Why should I play daily fantasy football

Daily Fantasy Football Advantages Explained

There are numerous reasons why you should play daily fantasy football and we can’t think of many better ways to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Of course there will always be the occasional exception but once you take into account the following considerations you will soon start to appreciate what a great game it is.

  • It’s fun and enjoyable so why not spend time doing it
  • It’s the perfect antidote for any frustrated armchair spectator
  • The ownership element – it allows you to relate to high profile stars
  • Its adds a whole new dimension to watching soccer matches
  • The draft process is challenging and mentally stimulating
  • You control your own destiny since you make the decisions
  • Since the focus is solely on statistics every single bit of action that unfolds in a match can matter
  • It creates non-stop bar room banter among friends, families and work colleagues
  • Everyone competes on a level playing field and you do not need to be physically fit to participate
  • It can increase the appeal of any fixture even if you have no affinity with any of the teams involved
  • The monetary rewards on offer can be life-changing
  • It allows you to earn bragging rights by beating the one who thinks he knows everything about every player or by showing off any merit points or accolade you pick up for coming top in your chosen contest

We’ve highlighted some of the reasons why you might get hooked on the game but as long as you play responsibly and manage your time effectively there are no boundaries to the appeal of the daily fantasy football!

Daily vs Season-long fantasy football