How to select your daily fantasy football defenders

How to select your daily fantasy football defenders

Anyone who has played traditional fantasy football will know that a combination of clean sheets, assists and goals are that elusive staple diet most fantasy managers are seeking when selecting their defenders. However, there is far more to this playing position as Arsene Wenger once pointed out:

‘’When I first came to Arsenal, I realised the back four were all university graduates in the art of defending. As for Tony Adams I consider him to be a doctor of defence. He is simply outstanding’’.

Tony Adams was a class act and he possessed many of the additional attributes that are now being handsomely rewarded by the more sophisticated scoring systems that we are seeing with the emergence of new daily fantasy football game operators. These ‘skill’ areas include tackling ability, aerial ability, clearances, blocks, interceptions, passing, discipline, the ability to read the game, organizational skills and so on. No matter which game you choose to play you need to have a thorough understanding of the significance of each skill, its likely frequency and resulting overall contribution to a defender’s scoring potential.

The best way to demonstrate this is to look at the selection process for one of our featured operators by virtue of another case study.

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