3-a-Side Fantasy Football

Introducing 3-a-side daily fantasy football

Sometimes a simplistic approach is the best so it was refreshing to see FanTeam launch a three-a-side fantasy football product which they are referring to as ‘Football Heroes’ to complement their portfolio of daily fantasy sports. The big question now is whether or not it will appeal to the fantasy football public?

The rules are straight-forward. You simply need to select 3 players – 1 defender, 1 midfielder and 1 forward and nominate a captain that will score double points.

The $100m budget is more than generous, effectively turning it into a ‘no salary cap‘ game and the scoring system is not too dissimilar to that which is used in the Official Fantasy Premier League format.

The early kick-off between Liverpool and Stoke City has been omitted from this weekend’s event which should help to increase the number of overall entries in the contest.

In such a format, it is obviously imperative that a lot of thought goes into choosing the right captain if you are to have any chance of being successful but a sample entry will look something like that illustrated below.

3-a-Side Fantasy Football

FanTeam are listing the 3-a-Side contests under the tab ‘Football Heroes’ in their competition lobby so simply visit their site to see the latest game offering.

Prize structures are likely to be pivotal to the success of this particular fantasy football variant but it’s a welcome addition and could be well suited to this summer’s World Cup which is now just around the corner and to any manager that struggles to find the time to select a full squad of players on a regular basis.

Is 3-a-Side fantasy football here to stay? Give it a try and let us know what you think!