How to play PlayOn

PlayON Playing Guide

Competition Lobby

PlayON present their users with all the usual filters. There’s a slider that allows you to adjust for any buy-in range, you can choose to view just that day’s tournaments or all upcoming events as well filtering by contest type, structure and sport.

Fantasy Football Portal - PlayOn Lobby

You can also click on the contest list headers to search by league, start time, entry fee, size of prize pool, the number of entries to date and any cap on the field size.

Simply click on ‘Enter’ to view further information relating to each individual contest.

Team Selection

When you click into a contest it’s also easy to see all the relevant information such as the fixtures included, start times, which players have entered to date, buy-in size, how the prize money will be distributed as well as having the option to invite friends or remind yourself of the scoring rules.

Team selection is really straightforward on PlayON. Simply select 11 players in a 4-4-2 formation from the $100m budget at your disposal. There are no restrictions on the number of players that can be selected form a particular team.

Your line-up is displayed in a ‘pitch view’ and there is an ‘ADD’ button next to each player. Once you click this button the player automatically appears in your line-up unless you have already submitted enough players to fill that position. If you change your mind you can just click on the ‘REMOVE’ button that appears next to each player after he has been added.

Players can be filtered by position, salary, team name or player name and by ownership levels (the percentage of managers that have picked that player).

Once you have made your selections click on ‘Save Team’ followed by ‘Enter Game’ to confirm your line-up.

Game Rules and Scoring

Teams must be submitted 10 minutes before the first match in the contest and your opponent’s roster will be visible to you after kick-off of the designated contest

All results will be determined by the number of points accumulated by each entrant’s 11 player roster based on the PlayOn scoring criteria and there is no need to select either a captain or to choose from any alternative playing formations since it is strictly 4-4-2.

Points are awarded based on a player’s starting position and relate to specific actions that occur in a game. They can be either positive or negative and their exact definition can be seen along with their value in the points scoring system table.

PlayON use statistics provided by OPTA for their soccer product and events are displayed in their live scoring centre which you can view once one of your selected contests gets under way.

Fantasy Football Portal - PlayOn Scoring