How to select your daily fantasy football forwards

How to select your daily fantasy football forwards

With the new Premier League season almost upon us, there couldn’t be a better time to reignite the old-fashioned centre-forward debate. Diego Costa certainly made an impact in his first season in England and not just for his goals. The Chelsea forward seemed to be looking to go to war every time he took to the field and it prompted a number of comparisons with forwards from bygone years.

The ever-green Kevin Davies is another forward who has never been afraid to put himself about. When discussing Davies, former Tottenham boss Harry Redknapp once said:

Fantasy Football Portal - Harry RedknappHe’s a proper centre-forward. He’s excellent, he just knows how to play.”

It seems fair to say that forwards take a battering from time to time and therefore need to be able to handle themselves but our main concern as managers is what exactly constitutes a good value fantasy football forward? To be able to answer this we again need to look at all the criteria by which forwards can earn or forfeit points. These will vary from game operator to game operator but might in addition to goals scored include assists, fouls won, fouls committed, shots on target cautions, pass completion and so on.

Again we feel it’s appropriate to carry out a case study that will enable us to get a better understanding of the selection process for English Premier League strikers as well as provide other useful tips that should ensure you are picking high scoring forwards who offer the best value for money. The same procedures can be applied regardless of which site you choose to play at.

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